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You have been the one for me

Draco's undying sense of realism
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Unfortunately, because certain people have found this journal that shouldn't have ever found this journal, I've had to go back and make all my entries friends only. All further entries will also be friends only. I'll most likely add you if you comment here and introduce yourself, though, I'm always friendly!

many_miles_away is my saviour. There should be a club entitled Mocking Orlando's Acting Abilities. I'd be the President. I want to be just like clappamungus when I grow up. I have the coolest sister in the world. Wouldn't it be cool if www.orlando'sabloomin'wanker.net actually existed?

I am in love with: many_miles_away, Chenonceaux, Geneva, clappamungus, the song 'Oh', coffee and sex.

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